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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Flying Sydney to Buenos aires with kids

We left Sydney at 12.60 pm and had to say goodbye to Jason. There were tears and hugs and From the onwards it was just me and the kids. Jason said Travelling with the kids would be one of the hardest things I had to do. I hoped not!!

We arrived in Santiago Thursday afternoon Chile time. I did not sleep muh on flight Sydney to Santiago. But I ate and watched movies one with Jason Bateman, Jane Fonda and Tina Frey and Advanced Style and Anna Karenina with Kiera Knightly. Joaquin played his iPad and watched movies and finally slept two hours before landing. He had no breakfast just the Weiss bar icecream. Zalia ate all flight her kids meal, the pizza that was given a few hours befor breakfast, Weiss bar icecream, breakfast and she also watched Pepa pig and wiggles and Dora. They were quite well behaved only fighting to be by the window or whenZalia   was trying to sleep.
Finally arrived in Chile and had to weight ( hours for connecting flight to Buenos Aires. Here we had all had enough I kept them busy by hanging in the playground, walking with me to duty free have a quick lunch at Ruby Tuesdaya. The lunch takes so much time to come and we had chicken sandwich chips and lemonade sharing food. We were all so buggered by the time our flight was called for Buenos Aires. I was cranky and jetlagged, however plesently  surprised when hopping on the new plane with magic windows that change colour with a button and entertainment on board. The food service was a non Bon chocolate and crossiant with ham and cheese.  The crossiant was not eaten by anyone and Zalia fell asleep mid flight. We arrive 1 hour and. Abit later in Buenos aires and eent through customs ok. A friend was waiting for us to take us to the hotel opposite the Teatro Colon I the center of Buenos Aires.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Post Christmas 2014

Just a few photos and words to remember what we did around Christmas 2014.

-Selfies with my little girl (she put her own makeup on and looked very cute, eye makeup and lip gloss).

-My christmas present (Jamie Oliver enamel pot, Olives and wooden cutting board.

-Christmas lunch with the family and the kids drinking sparkling non-alcoholic drink

-Zalia playing with her Lottie dolls

- A very exhausted Zalia after an exciting couple of days

-Rollerskating and cricket in the paddock on a cloudy Boxing day

-Galahas and dogs in the paddock

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014 and Holiday fun

The kids woke up at 6am christmas Morning and opened their presents. Santa left a lot of presents in the Christmas stockings.
There were amazing presents. Joaquin got a playstation 4 and games (mine craft, lego minecraft, need for speed), things for school Adventure time pencil case and pencils, Star Wars lego and some stocking stuffers.

Zalia got Lottie dolls, Chelsea barbie and other little girl toys.

This is the first Christmas I think Zalia was very excite for and actually understood that Santa was coming.

Santa left sled marks outside in the gravel and ate the tim tam and drank the milk that was left on the kitchen counter. The reindeer ate their magic sparkle food that was left outside in the grass for them to nibble on.

Later in the morning family came over and we opened more presents that were under the tree and had a hot christmas lunch, roast meats, roast veggies and kept drinking and eating all afternoon and night. All the cousins and family slept over. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Getting ready for Christmas 2014 in Country NSW

Well Christmas has come and gone but I need or want to write about these special times as my memory is so bad at the moment that I can not rely on it really.

These are some of the things we did before Christmas 2014.

-Bought a box of Mangos on the side of the road one day. Relish.

-Took happy snaps of my son and I. He is growing too fast and he is only 7.

We hung out with all the kids (cousins) and did motorbike riding in the paddock. Playing on swings in the yard. 

-We made tim tam rum balls with the kids (minus the rum) just timtams, philadelphia cream cheese and shredded coconut. Very easy peasy.

Just before Christmas, Jas and I travelled to Newcastle to the Westfield shops to get some last minute presents. Deciding on which monster high dolls for our niece and thankfully toys at Myer were discounted heavily.
It was fun to shop, have good coffee and be sans kids.